Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Fully trained and Lincolnshire's only authorised Suntek PPF installer.

What is PPF ?

A high quality polyurethane film that is applied to the clear coat of painted surfaces of new or used vehicles. It’s available in different appearances such as matte finish and an optically clear version (which is the most popular choice). These films are highly resistant to the contaminants your vehicle will encounter on a day to day basis. Paint Protection Film has a high resistance to impact and abrasion. Providing protection against stone chips, acid rain, bug splatter and more! stone chips on high impact areas are the biggest reason for PPF or Clear Bra. The material is also incredibly flexible and can return to its natural shape after being stretched or disfigured.

Suntek paint protection films even offer self-healing properties, sounds crazy right!? The science behind it is that the top layer of the PPF is made of an elastomeric polymer that helps the material maintain its natural shape once it has been stretched or applied. This feature allows the film to Self-Heal when light scratches occur. Typically a heat gun or direct sunlight will remove the scratches and they’ll dissipate in front of your eyes! In regards to how thick Paint Protection film is, it’s only around 8 mils (0.008 inches) thick.

The film is mainly applied to the front end of a vehicle. Whilst a whole car can be also be done, other recommended areas are rear bumper deck, door sills, side skirts and rear lower bumper. Areas where stones are likely to cause damage. Soft interior panels can also be precision cut or custom made to protect the high gloss finish that are highly susceptible to swirls or damage.

Auto Elite Detailing has invested heavily in providing such an important option for new or nearly new cars. Purchasing a Graphtec plotter to precision cut patterns and ongoing training with Suntek UK.

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