Paint Correction

Paint correction is a big part of restoring a used car back to an as new condition. Paint correction is a highly skilled operation to get professional results. Having previous experience as an ex RAF Painter and Finisher, I have the rare expertise to constantly get stunning results to vehicles dull or damaged finish.

There are 3 main levels for Paint Correction.

Enhancement Detail - Single stage polish- Mainly for new or nearly new cars, or cars that require enhanced gloss levels. This is an ideal service if you are selling your car and want it looking good before advertising. Time taken 1-2 days approx. From £200

Minor Paint Correction - Two stage polish to remove 80% +/- of lights swrils. This is the most popular service I do for used cars. Whilst removing swirls it then gives stunning gloss levels ready for a sealant to be applied. Time taken 2-4 days approx. From £450

Major Paint Correction - Three to Four stage polish with possible wet flatting- This is the ultimate of Paint Correction. This service will remove all swirls and deeper scratches as long as its safe to do so. This service is very complex, very time consuming, but restores the paint to better than new condition. Time taken 4-7 days approx. From £600

For Minor and Major paint correction a prior inspection is recommended to evaluate the level of correction required.

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