Additional Services

Soft Top Restoration and Waterproof

As Soft top roofs degrade quickly in the UK climate Auto Elite Detailing have gone above and beyond to lean and master the ultimate technique to restore and protect expensive soft top roofs.

With prices for a replacement roof in the region of a few hundred to thousands of pounds Auto Elite Detailing can restore and protect with the use of Anti fungicidal treatment, recolour/dye (full colour change not available) and seal the fabric to have your roof looking stunning once again.

A full professional restore on a roof cannot be done outside in a few hours. This process takes from 2-3 days, strict drying and curing times have to be adhered to. You car has to come to my Detailing Studio where a strict controlled environment is available.

New Car Roof protection from £120

Clean, Dye & Seal from £250

Leather Repair

Damaged and scuffed leather. Leather can be repaired to remove scuffs and scratches. Once cleaned and repaired all leather treated and sealed

Price from £45

Professional Valeting 

From a Professional exterior wash to Interior clean all makes and models catered for

Prices from £40

Scratch Repair

Scratch repairs carried out sometimes saving huge re-paint costs

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